Skin Tags – Are They Dangerous?

August 29, 2012 0 Comments

You should first know that skin tags are not in the least bit dangerous to your health. However, if you have a skin tags removal and one appears in the same place again, this may be cause for concern. If this does happen you should go straight to see your doctor as there could be another underlying health issue which will have to be investigated.

Whilst skin tags are not dangerous, they can be very annoying, most people will only get one or two throughout their lives however, some people will have many appear on just about anywhere on their bodies. People most susceptible to skin tags are those that have type II diabetes, are obese and women who are pregnant. It hasn’t actually been medically proven but there are strong links to people in this bracket and skin tags.

Should I worry if I have a Lot of Skin Tags?

Normally, there is nothing to worry about, for women that are pregnant you shouldn’t have to seek out skin tags removal as they only appear due to hormonal changes or because of weight gain. Once your baby is born and your body returns to normality in terms of hormones and weight, it is likely any skin tags you have will die off on their own and will never bother you again.

The only time people do worry, especially if they have a lot of skin tags and they appear in places that are visible to others is because they can have an effect on self-esteem. Not only that because skin tags are connected to the skin via a small stalk, this could mean you catch them on things like clothing or other parts of skin they rub against. This can be incredibly uncomfortable and in some cases, a little painful.

Should I Have my Skin Tags Removed?

You should only seek out skin tags removal products if they are really bothering you. However, do remember that many insurance companies will not cover the cost of a surgical procedure. Since skin tags are not dangerous to your health, an insurance company will see the procedure as purely cosmetic so be prepared to pay for this yourself.

How can I remove Skin Tags?

If you take the surgical route, there are three common ways in which a doctor will remove them for you. They may opt to use cryotherapy which is a way of freezing them off or they might use cauterization which is a way of burning them off. The third is to simply cut the skin off.

You can of course remove your skin tags at home and if you’re prepared to wait the most common way is to tie them. This is relatively easy to do. All you need is a very fine piece of string or cotton. Tie it as closely to the base of the tag as you can and as tightly as you can. The aim is to stop the blood supply to the tag so it will eventually die and fall from the skin. Whilst this is in the process of happening, you should cover it with a band-aid and make sure you change this regularly. If you notice anything odd or it becomes painful, go and see your doctor.

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